Student Experience:

"As I haven't been at school for years I was apprehensive. All I can say is Wow! I loved the simplicity of IAscend's blended learning system. Minimised class time, relevant questions to answer after watching to the point videos in my own time. No secrets, no stress just easy to understand, to the point materials and very supportive people. Well done."
- JD

"The training I was given at IAscend has really helped me and I can't thank you enough, as I love my new job. Thanks for the training and everything. To be honest I am actually shy but for some reason the atmosphere at IAscend made me come out of my shell. Now I feel more confident."
- Ruth

About iAscend Polytechnic 


Please visit our other webpage Melbourne College of Further Education (MCFE) for all full qualifications. 


Short courses are still delivered under the iAscend division.

Melbourne College of Further Education (MCFE) is a division of iAscend Polytechnic Pty Ltd, it is the same registered training organisation. The website for MCFE can be located here, all company policies and procedures, RTO registration details are the same across all divisions of iAscend Polytechnic Pty Ltd. iAscend is also a trading name for and a division of iAscend Polytechnic Pty Ltd, iAscend covers all our short courses. 

Our practices are based on “sustainable” business values.  iAscend/MCFE is a specialised training provider with a specific mission to provide high-quality training solutions that will strengthen the operations of our clients and contribute to their ongoing sustainability.

We deliver Certificate to Diploma level government funded courses in Melbourne as well as offer traineeships in many fields.