Student Experience:

"As I haven't been at school for years I was apprehensive. All I can say is Wow! I loved the simplicity of IAscend's blended learning system. Minimised class time, relevant questions to answer after watching to the point videos in my own time. No secrets, no stress just easy to understand, to the point materials and very supportive people. Well done."
- JD

"The training I was given at IAscend has really helped me and I can't thank you enough, as I love my new job. Thanks for the training and everything. To be honest I am actually shy but for some reason the atmosphere at IAscend made me come out of my shell. Now I feel more confident."
- Ruth

Privacy Policy


iAscend recognises the importance of preserving the privacy of its students, clients and the need to protect the security of personal information provided to iAscend in the conduct of its business. This privacy policy describes generally how we manage personal information and safeguard privacy.

The National Privacy Principles

iAscend is bound by the National Privacy Principles (NPPs) contained in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (Privacy Act). The NPPs establish minimum standards for the private sector in relation to the collection, handling, use, disclosure, management, access, correction and disposal of 'personal information' about natural persons. In summary, ‘personal information’ is information or an opinion relating to an individual which can be used to identify that individual.

Collection of Personal Information

The types of personal information we may collect and hold includes (but is not limited to):

  • information provided to us when a student enrols in an iAscend course, including a student’s name, age, address, occupation, education background, health details and contact details;
  • information provided to us in the course of employment, including name, age, address, occupation, education background, health details and contact details;
  • information about other people who come into contact with a member of the iAscend team.
We will generally collect personal information by way of forms filled out by people, face-to-face meetings, interviews, business cards, telephone conversations and from third parties. We may also collect personal information from the use of our website. The only information we collect about people when they use our website is what a person chooses to tell us about themselves, for example, information provided in an email communication. However, please note that some of this information will not be personal information because it will not necessarily reveal a person’s identity.
Use and Disclosure of Personal Information
iAscend may use and disclose personal information for the primary purpose for which it was collected, for reasonably expected secondary purposes, and in other circumstances authorised by the Privacy Act. In general, we use and disclose personal information for the following purposes only:
  • to conduct our business – that is, the provision of vocational education and training;
  • to communicate with a person; and
  • to comply with our legal obligations.
We may disclose personal information to other members of the iAscend team, to other companies or individuals who assist us in providing services or who perform functions on our behalf (such as for the purposes of a Work Placement), courts, tribunals and regulatory authorities, and anyone else to whom a person authorises us to disclose it. We will take reasonable steps to ensure that anyone to whom we disclose personal information respects the confidentiality of the information and abides by the NPPs or equivalent privacy laws.
Government Disclosure Requirements
Personal information may be shared, as required by law, with the Australian Government and designated authorities, the Tuition Assurance Scheme and the ESOS Assurance Fund Manager. In the case of an international student, this information may include personal and contact details, course enrolment details and changes, and the circumstances of any suspected breach by a student of any of student visa conditions. Personal information includes but is not limited to information concerning work, studies, ethnicity, gender, and living arrangements.
iAscend is required to provide the Victorian Government, through the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD), with student and training activity data which may include information provided in an enrolment form. Information is required to be provided in accordance with the Victorian VET Student Statistical Collection Guidelines.
DEECD may use the information provided to it for planning, administration, policy development, program evaluation, resource allocation, reporting and/or research activities. For these and other lawful purposes, the Department may also disclose information to its consultants, advisers, other government agencies, professional bodies and/or other organisations. A student may be contacted and requested to participate in a National Centre for Vocational Education Research survey or a Department-endorsed project or audit or review.
The Education and Training Reform Act 2006 requires iAscend to collect and disclose a student’s personal information for a number of purposes including the allocation to a student of a Victorian Student Number and updating a student’s personal information on the Victorian Student Register.
Students of iAscend are advised of all disclosure requirements at the time of enrolment.
Access to Personal Information
Subject to the exceptions set out in the Privacy Act, a person can gain access to personal information that we hold about that person by emailing us. We will handle all requests for access to personal information in accordance with the NPPs. If for some reason we refuse to give access to such personal information, we will provide the person concerned with reasons for our refusal in accordance with the Privacy Act.
Management of Personal Information
In accordance with the Privacy Act, we take reasonable steps to protect the security of personal information held by us. This includes protecting the information from misuse or loss and from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure, for example, by the use of physical security and restricted access to electronic records. Where we no longer require a person’s personal information for a permitted purpose under the NPPs, we will take reasonable steps to destroy it.
iAscend endeavours to ensure that the personal information it holds is accurate, complete and up-todate. Generally, we will amend any personal information about a person held by us which is inaccurate, incomplete or out-of-date if the person requests us to do so. If we disagree with a person’s view about the accuracy, completeness or currency of a record of personal information held by us, and the person asks us to associate with that record a statement that the person has a contrary view, we will take reasonable steps to do so.
Sensitive Information
Some personal information we collect is 'sensitive information'. Sensitive information includes personal information relating to a person's health, racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religion, 3 trade union or other professional or trade association membership, sexual preferences, or criminal record.
Sensitive information will be used or disclosed only for the primary purpose for which it was collected or a directly related secondary purpose, unless a person agrees otherwise, or where certain other limited circumstances apply (for example, where required by law).
Updates to Policy
We will review our privacy policy from time to time to take account of new laws and technology, changes to our operations and practices, and the changing business environment. We will advise about changes to our privacy policy by posting an updated version on our website.