Student Experience:

"As I haven't been at school for years I was apprehensive. All I can say is Wow! I loved the simplicity of IAscend's blended learning system. Minimised class time, relevant questions to answer after watching to the point videos in my own time. No secrets, no stress just easy to understand, to the point materials and very supportive people. Well done."
- JD

"The training I was given at IAscend has really helped me and I can't thank you enough, as I love my new job. Thanks for the training and everything. To be honest I am actually shy but for some reason the atmosphere at IAscend made me come out of my shell. Now I feel more confident."
- Ruth


“I heard from a friend that she had a really good experience training through iAscend so I enrolled in Cert III Childcare. This course and the fantastic trainer Papiya, has led me to a new career path and I love working with Children. From my placement I also gained employment in a childcare centre.” Hannah Louise Cardwell, March 2015

First Aid

"I did first aid training with iAscend and it was really in-depth and interesting. As a kindergarten teach I have to refersh my skills every year, however I found that I learnt things I never knew before. They really focussed on the practical aspects of first aid." Gill Butler 

Work Health Safety

“My employer suggested I do this course with iAscend, which I enjoyed. It’s always good to refresh ourselves with all the work health safety procedures required for work. Rav is a very good trainer…very patient and has made it easy for me to complete the course while I have been busy working at the same time.” Samuel B, April 2015

“I enjoyed the course, there was a lot of open discussions and we were able to learn at our own pace. I learnt a lot, such as laws & legislations. I also got my First Aid cert, which is pretty handy. My employer recommended me to do this course with iAscend and I’m glad I did, as I am getting much more work now.” Sean Williams, March 2015

“I enjoyed the course! It was great, the company I work with chose iAscend for myself to do the course with. I have learnt a lot about safety in the workplace and utilised a lot of tips given from the trainer throughout the course.” Jaimen Espinosa’s, February 2015

Training and Assessment

“Great course very informative…it’s helped me understand teaching methods & breaking down assessments. I was referred by a friend to do this course at iAscend. Graeme the trainer is a pure gentlemen, understanding, extremely helpful and easy to listen to.” Nigel’s  McCarthy 

‘’The course was great. I really enjoyed it and learnt so much about the TAE course and the industry as a whole.......  I chose to do this course with iAscend as they have a great name in the industry and it really showed. ” Kayne Pettifer