Student Experience:

"As I haven't been at school for years I was apprehensive. All I can say is Wow! I loved the simplicity of IAscend's blended learning system. Minimised class time, relevant questions to answer after watching to the point videos in my own time. No secrets, no stress just easy to understand, to the point materials and very supportive people. Well done."
- JD

"The training I was given at IAscend has really helped me and I can't thank you enough, as I love my new job. Thanks for the training and everything. To be honest I am actually shy but for some reason the atmosphere at IAscend made me come out of my shell. Now I feel more confident."
- Ruth

Strong Growth Projected In Aged & Disabled Carers

This is a very large occupation employing 163,700 workers (2017). The number of workers has grown very strongly over the past 5 years.
Over the next 5 years (to May 2022) the number of workers is expected to grow very strongly to

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New Rules To Stamp Out Child Swapping

The federal government has introduced new rules to stamp out the apparent abuse of child care payments through ‘child swapping’ in the family day care sector.

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How To Save A Life

Basic First Aid isn’t just relevant to the workplace, of course: it’s a set of skills for everyday life.

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Workplace Health And Safety Really Matters

One cannot stress the importance of health and safety more when considering the impact it has on the Australian workplace. The 28th April is marked as International Workers Memorial day.

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Six Golden Rules

Australia has 5,000 training colleges.  Most colleges are good and honest.  But there are some dodgy ones, too.   Follow these six golden rules when selecting a college

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